Nina Kojima’s Home Page

With over 22 years of experiences working in radio and television (National Radio Television Slovenia), Nina decided to take on a new challenge of film directing.

When I found out that our feature documentary film, ‘Brexit Through the Non-Political Glass’, was accepted to the official selection of the Slovenian national film festival (Festival Slovenskega Filma), I was very excited! Finally I could tell the real story, and explore the depth of the social phenomenon that is Brexit; finally viewers would be able to see what caused it and what is still to come.

We filmed this documentary during the COVID lockdown and, sadly, what the speakers predicted 10 months ago is now becoming a reality.

This was our first audience, and the first time the film had been released in a proper cinema. It was a very busy time for us, with the London Film Festival also in our sights, but we couldn’t resist a 23-hour round trip to Portorož, Slovenia, to attend the festival.

It was overwhelming to meet our audience in person, chat with them and get direct feedback, and I was delighted to discover that the message we sent was received clearly: that Brexit has deep roots, with a complex background involving Margaret Thatcher, and past wars Britain had waged with the continent.

I hope that, by watching this film, people can depart from a linear political debate and see the deeper causes and impacts of Brexit. As a journalist and member of the 10 Downing Street press lobby, I found the whole media discussion on Brexit toxic, and as a film director, producer and writer, I wanted to deliver something more – something that could explain how Brexit was based on things that happened hundreds of years ago.

It was great to see many of my friends who came to the festival and supported my work, so I can only say thank you and that I’m looking forward to showing the documentary soon as a world premiere.


From left to right: Andrej Štritof, Aleš Pavlin, Nina Kojima, Tosh Kojima, Vida Breže