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With over 22 years of experiences working in radio and television (National Radio Television Slovenia), Nina decided to take on a new challenge of film directing.

I was assigned to report from the court in central London, close to Chancery Lane where Prince Harry and once the second most popular member of the royal family started suing the Mirror Group for intruding into his privacy and frequently breaching the security. Technically he was also pointing the finger to the government who is responsible to provide the right level of security for the royal family. As a taxpayer I would expect this service to be profoundly excellent.

My thought went back. In February during my every day run of 10k, I listened to his audio book Spare. As a mother myself I have all the sympathies with a child who lost his mother at a young age, it was the age when he can well remember her what makes a life meaningful despite the sadness and pain. And I must say that in my life I heard far worst stories and learned about painful destinies…don’t we all?

I still have several problems regarding reporting from the court. Who is breaching the security?

Prince Harry in his book reveals for instance, how they were killing Taliban fighters whiles on his mission to Afghanistan, putting comrades to a danger. Another problem is, that his reporting sounds almost as the one of the journalist or perhaps a whistle-blower; reporting and commentating from the Backstage of the Royal Household. His testimony on how Prince William physically attacked him and how he-Prince Harry in this very attack, ended up crashed on the floor, in a dog bawl by his older brother.

Why must we know about the saga? If he was always so unhappy in his royal life and frankly, he did things he shouldn’t have done anyway… his explanation why he chose a Hitler character for the Halloween party many years ago in his book Spare is a bit at hook.

To spare my thoughts on Spare as a granddaughter of a Holocaust survivals I could not believe my eyes when I read the newspapers and, why on Earth could anyone think this is funny, comprehensive, enthusiastic, or cool.

When the war broke, my grandfather Jakob Pavčnik, a train driver, born in 1898 in Austrian Empire had 3 children, his oldest son was 16 when he joined the Partizan resistance. A year later someone betrayed them, the son Dušan was fighting in the forests when the Nazis came and took my grandfather, his wife and two younger children to the camp. He went to a different one. And so it happened that a man survived, his son died in a battle during the war, his wife and two young children were gassed in a camp. After the war, he came home, a very ill man, there was this woman, he was her customer in a department store before the war started, she was serving him and his wife, my grandmother, who gave him a shelter. She lost her fiancée also a Partizan soldier in the war and so it happened that they got married.


After the War the Yugoslav communist government nationalised everything, he lost land and some houses, but he was also prosecuted because he was a survivor.


And so often I heard in my Jewish community saying: “Someone else has it worse than you”.

When sadness is coming to my life, I quite often reflected and sadly compared with my grandfather’s life.

Before I was 33, I buried my child, my mother, my brother all in a short period of time. Some could say bad karma and is goes in every generation.


How do we survive?

Back to the royal court, who is The Man standing in front of the mirror?  Is it a Man after all?


Another bizarre question should be, do we really need to support all the newspapers who are earning so much of money on all the falls quotations, analysis, and twisted correspondence?

Is this, how he calls it- fight really something which can add up to the better tomorrow and to the benefit of the society/humanity. With court cases like this comparing to the life and battles of the of Suffragettes, really?


Do I think monarchy is better than tyranny or communism; yes! Do I think this as a philosopher; yes! Do I think this because I have an experience; yes! Can we choose and vote for our kings and queens; no, it was like that for centuries.


Another Royal story was released in June and this, one is positive. It has my signature. It is about the collaboration and friendship. In 2022 Slovenia and UK were celebrating 30’s anniversary of the friendship and good diplomatic relationships. Two royal visits to Slovenia since then can prove this. Prince of Wales visited Slovenia in 1998 and late Queen ten years after.


At the 30’s anniversary of friendship between an old state and a new one, British council asked me to contribute my column to the book which was realised in a digital copy. I was honoured to be part of this noble project and last autumn I wrote my bit. The book is called “30 years, 30 stories”, it was released in June on Amazon! -> CLICK HERE FOR AMAZON LINK


Families are not always the easiest, I know this very well. On the other hand, a good partner can make you a better person and I am sure Prince Harry knows this very well. When things are so obvious, do we really need a judge to decide?