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With over 22 years of experiences working in radio and television (National Radio Television Slovenia), Nina decided to take on a new challenge of film directing.



Nina Kojima 


Film Director, Writer, TV & Radio Broadcaster with over 26 years of experience working at National Radio Television Slovenia



‘LIBIDO’ is Nina Kojima’s directorial debut film

Exploring bespoke characters and their personal views of life are the main focus of my work. Playing with unusual scenes and situations are fundamentally based on my philosophical and sociological studies – some might see this as science and others as different approaches to storytelling / film-making. Above all, I want my films to be totally original.


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Panopticon on Mars

Panopticon on Mars

Even in ancient civilisations, September was celebrated as the month of harvest, when people collected and stored everything they’d grown in the preceding months. It is the month where we experience a reduction in daylight – the days rapidly become shorter and, subconsciously or otherwise…

Peter Pan Versus Icarus

Peter Pan Versus Icarus

For many, August is a month to relax, rest, travel and party. I am not a beach person, in fact I don’t understand the whole concept of frying myself under the toxic sun, speeding up my skin’s aging and putting myself at risk of skin cancer. Not to mention packed...

The Famous Prisoner

The Famous Prisoner

One of the greatest things about living in a city like London is experiencing cultures from all over the world. I feel privileged that I have friends from lots of different backgrounds but also from different places, some from countries I have never visited before and...


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Awards for short film Three Little Hearts by Nina Kojima  

Awards for short film Libido by Nina Kojima  

Brexit Means Brexit feature film in pre-production 

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Nina Kojima is a director and actress, known for Libido (2017), The Tracker (2016) and The Trespasser (2018).