September 2018

Earlier this year I was shocked by the story of an eleven year old girl who was born in Ghana and later adopted by a half Ghanaian, half English family. Her primary school had finally revealed the casting for the school graduation production musical, Mary Poppins. The very talented and articulate African-British girl got a role as a chimneysweeper! On top of that, her role had no line, and she would be on stage for about a minute! It is worth mentioning that this is a private school where her parents had to pay more than 6,000 pounds per term. At the same time her classmate, a talented singer of Indian origin, was casted also as an extra in this play. I don’t know how I should properly describe this: disgusting? Shameful? Horrible? This is not Brexit and it did not happen during the times of the Act of Union of 1833. This is London, 2018! This horrible rotten taste got stuck in my throat for weeks and I decided to make my own protest. The story of Three Little Hearts is based in Central London, literally a few metres away from this disgraceful school. Into the premise of my film, I could not help but include several sociological facts. For example, our ancestors from several thousand years ago were all dark skinned! Also, to display the way society rewards one race and completely excludes others. My short film Three Little Hearts is an anti-racism message. It is in the final stage of post-production and I hope the children, whose bad experience inspired me, will like the film.